We create, manage, and extensively optimize

high-volume campaigns in Google Ads with one goal:

Accelerated Growth for your YouTube Channel.



In ad costs working with us compared with other agencies

This is not a full-service marketing agency. YouTube channel growth is the only objective we focus on.

You will save at least 60% in ad costs working with us compared with running ads in your own Google Ads account or hiring an expensive advertising agency. Plus, get cashback in your Adsense account, details below.

We are based in the U.S., speak fluent English, and will over-communicate every step of the process with you before even starting our trial campaign.





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  • Managed Google Ads campaigns.

  • Free channel consultation.

  • Optimized for YouTube channel growth + Adsense revenue.

  • Zero bot views. Ever. Verified with YouTube analytics.

  • Base rate of $4 per 1k views, $.004 per view. At least 60% cheaper than what you are accustomed to paying.

  • Free 1,000 view test campaign.

Cost Savings

Do you want one million targeted ad views on your latest upload?

Get ready to pay Google at least $10,000 ($.01 per view) to do that if you run your own campaign.

By working with me you’ll get the same results (or better with my optimization) and pay 60% less.

If you manage an artist and are wanting 10 million targeted views within 7 days on a new music video your artist just dropped, that is an enormous cost savings.

Earned Engagement


I optimize for earned actions (subscribers, playlist adds, likes, shares, and earned views). These are all actions that are tracked in Google Ads.

Once we link my Ads account with your YouTube channel (read more) I will start getting that data flow.

These earned actions are key to organic channel growth. They all play a part in YouTube’s recommendation algorithm with placing your videos in suggested videos lists, search results, and related channels.

There are many ways I’m able to optimize for these actions; country targeting, audience affinity testing, topic testing, demographic testing, device targeting, etc. The more volume we are able to send to your channel the more I’ll be able to optimize for these actions over time.

Part of this process involves building hundreds, even thousands of ad groups with a granular breakdown between both custom audiences and demographics.


Earned Engagement Optimization


You will only be working with me, so you will get to know me quite well. I speak fluent English and live in the U.S.


I think you will be surprised with just how much information I give you before we even start a campaign.

With many clients, I do a lot of work with them to optimize their YouTube channels for free before we even start running ads.

I don’t send an invoice until you are ready to begin an ads campaign. Up until that point, it’s likely we will have 3, 5, 10 conversations through email, phone, Skype, whatever you prefer.

Adsense Optimization

With large volume clients, I will start running optimization strategies for Adsense revenue.

This is an in-depth topic that we will discuss one-on-one should you decide to work with me, but the basics of the concepts are this:

I only work with channels that are YouTube Partners in good standing. Part of being a partner is that you are able to earn revenue through Adsense on your channel, I’m probably not telling you anything new here.

With Discovery Ads, we are sending traffic to your specific YouTube watch pages, meaning that the lower third ad and the display ad could be shown if that particular view is monetized (skippable ads, however, will not show to traffic landing on your watch page from a Discovery Ad):

So basically, you are paying $4 for 1k ad views upfront, or a $4 CPM. And on the backside, you will be making a certain amount in cash back when you get your revenue payments from Adsense. This can range anywhere between 5% cash back to 50% or more. There are so many variables in play for this, that we won’t know for sure until I begin working with your specific YouTube Channel.

But it’s definitely something to be aware of and it’s great to help mitigate the costs of running ads. Cashback + channel exposure, that’s a pretty sweet deal!

Plus, you can factor in any other revenue generation that’s in play for your business. For musicians, what percentage of people will stream you on Spotify (or Apple Music, Pandora, Anghami, Saavn, Claro Musica, Amazon, or any of the dozens of streaming platforms globally) following a viewing of your music video? Do you have a TeeSpring shelf to sell merchandise? Patreon? Channel Memberships? For channels that are well optimized, you might find that running ads at scale is provably profitable in addition to all the increased exposure. There are so many potential ripples to think about and to track.

Zero bot views. Ever.

We only buy verified traffic through Google Ads.

This can be confirmed within your own YouTube Analytics when you look at the traffic source. We also send full reports from Google Ads with any and all data you could want.

If you were to buy YouTube views from a typical bot seller and then look at your analytics account you would see that all that traffic is listed under ‘external’.

With human views through YouTube Ads you get the added bonus of actual human engagement! People subscribing to your channel, liking your videos, adding to a playlist, and sharing. All that activity is tracked in near real-time within our Google Ads account. While a campaign is going we can update you as often as you’d like or you can wait until the next day to see all the results within Creator Studio. Nice!

If you haven’t seen this article put out by the New York Times about the enormous underground world of bot views and fake social media engagement, it’s well worth the read.

We are at a point now where Google and Facebook are cracking down harder and harder on bot activity on their platforms.

It will probably always be there in some form or another but why risk it? Why spend all that money on fake engagement just to have it all disappear in an instant? It also doesn’t look that great to have a profile with tons of followers but with very little engagement activity.

There are some interesting new companies like Hype Auditor which provides reports to marketers on whether an Instagram star is worth spending advertising dollars on. Followers aren’t worth a whole lot if they aren’t real and it’s very easy to tell the difference.

When you buy YouTube Ads through Google’s own system you can be pretty damn sure the traffic is real and comes with zero risks of being removed down the line.

Also, Google Ads just recently integrated MRC auditing into their YouTube ad delivery. The risk of receiving fraudulent clicks is pretty much zero as you probably already know that Google’s click fraud detection is about the best there is.


What to expect

After you fill out the channel application form, I will review your channel and will let you know if working with your channel would be a good fit.

Lots of communication begins! The best way for both of us to get comfortable working together is to have several conversations about your channel, your goals, and for you to ask me any question on your mind. There’s really no rush to start, if you need to take several weeks or months to consider and to keep asking me questions, that’s pretty typical, no rush.

I will let you know all the things you can expect from a typical YouTube Ads campaign. Answers to questions like “How many new subscribers could I reasonably expect?” or “What are average earned actions we can expect for playlist adds, shares, etc.”

We will begin the process of optimizing your channel for growth before beginning an ads campaign.

Once we decide on your budget and goals, I will start creating a small trial campaign for your channel. This allows me to get a certain level of data to determine if running high-volume traffic to your videos is possible while still targeting our audiences that are likely to engage and interact with your content.

Following the trial campaign, we will continue communicating and determine how we would like to proceed.


It takes a serious investment of time and money to legitimately grow a YouTube Channel.

The competition today in 2019 is incredible compared with ten years ago. I believe I laid out my value proposition above in a realistic manner. A trial campaign will not ‘explode’ your channel. You are competing against media companies and major YouTube channels with millions of dollars in their ad budget. I run campaigns for some of those YouTube channels and there is only a finite pool of people on Earth we can promote to.

However, working with me will save you a lot of money compared with running campaigns yourself and you will see results.

I have been running Google Ads campaigns for nearly 16 years, back when Google was still a baby company compared to today and when Adwords was very primitive technology. You will quickly find that I know what I’m doing, better than any expensive marketing firm you could hire. I do not overextend myself into other areas of marketing. I don’t manage Facebook Ads or anything else. You’re getting someone who exclusively uses and excels at one singular platform.