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As low as $1 per thousand views ($.001 CPV)

Stop wasting money on fake bot views that risk your YouTube Channel.

By using the Google Ads platform with us, you’ll keep your channel safe from fraudulent traffic.

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The YouTube Bot Views Problem

Not a viable strategy

Unfortunately, the music and entertainment industry has been plagued by bots, intended to drive social growth, but has proven to be an ineffective strategy. See an exhaustive NY Times article that dove deep into this problem.

Read YouTube strips Universal and Sony of 2 billion fake views to see action taken by Google due to bot view usage, which makes content look unprofessional with artificially inflated social stats.

The good news is that entertainment brands wishing to generate a large amount of exposure to their content can do so with the Google Ads platform and the cost can be up to 50% cheaper than relying on what’s known as SMM panels and other bot selling websites.

The Hidden Costs of Bot Views

Resellers and inflated margins

In the article The Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views, we get an inside look at the inflation resellers charge unsuspecting buyers to put views on their videos. As high as $13.99 per thousand views! What typically happens is users end up dealing with multiple levels of resellers, with each seller adding their own margin.

And keep in mind, these are all fake views, these are not humans watching your content. These views are also subject to Google’s sophisticated traffic filters and you could very easily end up in a situation where you’ve paid a large sum only to find YouTube has removed all those views from your channel 30 days later.

Read more about the costs of running YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads Costs

The Legitimate Alternative

Google Ads is risk free and transparent

How does going straight to the source sound? How does total transparency to the back-end compare to going through mysterious SMM panels? What do you think about paying as low as $1 per thousand human views (see: YouTube Ads Costs)? There’s really no comparison, the value proposition of using Google Ads as the source for your YouTube views is immense.

Hardly Creative is not a reseller, we give you complete access to exact cost data with Google Data Studio, and we are here to answer every question you’ve got along the way. Sounds pretty good, huh?

Google Ads

Google Ads = Free Engagement

No need to buy likes and subs separately

By using Google Ads as the legitimate traffic source for your channel, you also get the bonus of actual engagement on your videos from real people. We pay Google for the ad view, but whatever action users take on your channel after that is completely free of charge.

Earned views, subscribers, likes, comments, playlist adds, shares, those are all tracked in Google Ads and are a great bonus!

Hardly Creative has even developed Python programming to parse massive data sets which optimizes for these engagements.

We build thousands of ad groups targeting multiple audiences and we make iterative bidding adjustments which focuses budgets towards audiences that are likely to enjoy your content.

Have you ever known a bot view seller capable of doing that?

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Billing Process

YouTube Ads Management

Better than fake views in every way

In addition to getting real human views on your YouTube channel, Hardly Creative provides full, hands-on management of your video campaigns so that we are maximizing targeting capabilities within the Google Ads platform. If you are promoting classical music, it doesn’t make any sense to put those videos in front of metal music fans and vice versa.

We go in deep with full video campaigns to segment out demographics, affinities, topics, and custom audiences that all show a high propensity for strong engagement. We develop systems that scrape massive data sets from Google Ads and YouTube analytics, processes the data, and reuploads fresh adjusted bids into Google Ads every 24 hours based on a cluster of weighted time frames.

YouTube bot views provide zero targeting other than a shuffle of proxy IP addresses covering the various global geographic regions. But what does IP location matter anyway? A machine ‘watching’ your videos provides zero real engagement with a real audience no matter where the geographic source is. If you are serious about building a brand on YouTube and transforming it into a successful business, stick to focusing on real audiences.

And the best part? Hardly Creative only charges you for usage. Our weekly billing system is 100% usage based. No monthly fees, no minimum monthly spend requirements.

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